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Hinda Incentives                                                                                                       4
Among our powerful recognition and engagement solutions, Hinda offers the Warehouse Dash®, an action-packed            6
event that lets participants run through our warehouse aisles and grab any merchandise they want in a
heart-pounding race against the clock! We are skilled at stocking the shelves with a mix of quality items while still
staying within your budget. Or how about a Warehouse Dash® to Go? Put a new twist on your next regional meet-
ing, annual trip, or customer event and consider hosting a Dash to Go that will inspire your participants to achieve
greater results and cheer on their peers.

Contact: Jim Kilmetis;

Hammacher Schlemmer

The Better Boarding Bag is a lightweight yet durable carry-on that keeps essentials organized and accessible. The
main compartment contains a fleece-lined sleeve that accommodates an iPad or tablet, while two pouches on the
opposite side store smaller electronics or personal items. The front outer pocket provides credit card and passport
 slots that block RFID scanners, and there are two interior mesh pockets for additional travel accessories. Addi-

  tional features include an adjustable padded shoulder strap, clip-locking zippers, two adjustable side pockets for
   water bottles, and a tethered keychain clip with a mini LED flashlight.

    Contact: Trish Hammond;

6  Cabela’s

     Tougher than an angry bear and proven to keep ice frozen for up to twelve days,
     Cabela’s Polar Cap Coolers bring serious performance. An innovative freez-
     er-grade gasket creates an airtight seal, preserving contents longer. Bear-resistant
     design incorporates a molded padlock receptacle. T-handle latches provide a
     secure seal and feature integrated bottle openers for convenience. Molded-in han-
     dles and a molded-in hinge enhance durability for years of reliable performance.
     Pressure-release valve for easier lid opening. Features rope handles with integrat-
     ed handle retainers and glow-in-the-dark tracers for less hassle and easy lifting.
     Made in USA.

                           Contact: Allan Hartung;

      IBM Cloud Video                                                                                                  7
   7  IBM is bringing the cognitive power of Watson to
      video around the world. IBM Cloud Video’s ad-
      vanced products and solutions are infused with

      artificial intelligence capabilities that enable leading

   brands to increase the value of video by enhancing monetiza-

   tion opportunities and maximizing viewer engagement. Watson Media’s

   services have the power to reason, understand and learn what’s inside a

   video, allowing customers to not only solve current challenges, but also

   anticipate the intelligent future of video.

   Contact: Kayla Drake;

   Incentive Concepts

   With the Briggs & Riley Sympatico Onyx Collection, form meets function
   like never before. Sympatico Onyx is the next evolution of modern travel
   style. CX spinners have a high-gloss black sheen with polished chrome
   accents, pairing perfectly with matching soft bags featuring patent leath-
   er handles and touchpoints. All Sympatico styles are available in onyx –
   luggage, soft bags and backpacks. Briggs & Riley: Engineered for Reality,
   Guaranteed for Life.

   Contact: Brian Rivolta;

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