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Italy/Veneto: Torcello

The Ghost Town of Venice

Getting Here

All boats to the northern islands of Venice, including Torcello, Burano, Murano and the San Michele Cemetery, leave from the string of floating docks at Fondamente Nove on the northern side of Venice. This main transiting point to the islands is reachable by the No. 4.1 and 4.2 vaporreto lines that encircle the main two islands of Venice in both directions and make most major stops, including San Marco and Piazza di Roma. At Fondamente Nove, you take the No. 13 vaporreto to the islands. The trip to Torcello takes about 35 minutes and can easily include stops at Burano and Murano for a full-day outing. You can significantly reduce the cost by picking up a daily or a weekly vaporreto pass during your stay in Venice.

You will often see water taxis parked at Cipriani, but the round-trip cost is more than the cost of a meal or even a room for the night.


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